Azealia Banks: can her talent continue to outshine her controversies?

She has been involved in countless twitter feuds, including recent homophobic and racist outbursts. Yet, fans continue to show loyalty to the rapper. “Don’t you have a famine to go die in?” asked Azealia Banks in another anti-Irish outburst. Since she became famous with her critically acclaimed debut ‘212’ single back in 2011, the American […]

Emiliano Sala disappearance: the latest updates

While the former Nantes player went missing four days ago as he was flying across the English Channel, the search has now been called off. What happens next? Sala’s former club Nantes, as well as his sister, Romina, are urging authorities to resume their search after it was called off permanently on Thursday afternoon. Talking to reporters […]

The Vatican may have influenced how women take the pill

Taking a seven-day break from the combined contraceptive pill could actually increase the risk of unplanned pregnancy. For the past 60 years, women have been advised to take the combined contraceptive pill for 21 days and then take a break for seven days. But the new Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare guideline now says […]

Queer film drama The Favourite leads the way for the 2019 Oscar nominations

With 10 Oscar nominations, including Best Director and Best Picture, The Favourite leads the trend for LGBTQ films that are making history. The Academy finally revealed its 2019 Oscar nominations early on Tuesday morning. While many are disappointed over the complete absence of women in the category of Best Director, the fact that the 2019 Oscars will […]

Tougher food labelling to prevent allergy deaths

The government has proposed tougher food labelling laws to protect the two million food allergy sufferers across the country. If the proposals go through, all packaged foods may be required to have a full list of ingredients. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has launched a consultation into food labelling. They will […]

5 of the best BOYB restaurants to celebrate the end of dry January

January can be a hard enough at the best of times, and no one deserves a drink more than the estimated 4.2 million people in the UK who pledged to give up alcohol for the first month of 2019. Here are the best places in London to accommodate you and that bottle of wine you’ve been […]

Excitement ahead of Arsenal v Manchester United game

Excitement is brewing ahead of tonight’s Arsenal V Manchester United game at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal and Manchester United are the most successful clubs in the FA cup with 13 titles and 12 titles respectively. The match tonight is part of the fourth-round fixture of this current FA cup. Manchester United are currently unbeaten since taking […]

Oscar 2019: no female directors nominated this year

Last year, Greta Gerwig was one of the five female directors to be nominated for an Oscar in the 90-year history.  This year, so many talented women made critically-acclaimed films, yet Tuesday morning’s Oscar nominations included no women at all in the Best Director category. For many, it is no surprise considering that the Academy […]