The Independent Group – What you need to know

A total of 11 MPs have now left the Conservative and Labour parties to create a new party called The Independent Group. Who are the rebels? Former Labour MPs Luciana Berger, Chuka Umunna, Gavin Shuker, Chris Leslie, Joan Ryan,  Mike Gapes, Angela Smith and Ann Coffey announced they were leaving their party earlier this week. […]

Trump to use emergency powers to build border wall

President Trump is due to use emergency powers to pay for a border wall with Mexico. The declaration comes after congress refused to approve $5.7bn (£4.4bn) for the wall, a key pledge in President Trump’s election campaign. His decision has been strongly criticised by both Democratic and Republican politicians, with senior Democrats accusing the president of […]

Sian Berry announced as Green candidate in 2020 mayoral election

Sian Berry has been confirmed as the Green Party’s candidate for the London mayoral election next year. She’s been a member on the London Assembly since May 2016, and is currently a councillor for Highgate. In the previous election, she came third to Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith. JUST IN: @SianBerry is our 2020 London […]

Commons leader: “No-Deal still on the table.”

The government has continued to send mixed signals on the outcome of Brexit, with Commons leader Andrea Leadsom saying now that a no-deal scenario is still on the table. On the Today programme this morning, when asked whether the Government is still considering a no-deal Brexit, she said: “Of course we are. Essentially that is what […]

Spain’s Prime Minister calls snap election

The Spanish Government has been forced to set a general election for April 28th. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has made the announcement this morning following the rejection in Parliament of his Socialist government’s budget earlier this week. The political dead-end has forced what will be Spain’s third general election in less than four years. Pedro Sánchez had […]

French ambassador to Italy recalled amidst diplomatic row

A diplomatic row between France and Italy has reached unprecedented levels in recent history, as the French ambassador in Rome was recalled to France on Thursday. The move, the last occurrence of which dates back to 1940 and immediately preceded declarations of war, comes after Italian Deputy PM Luigi Di Maio met gilets jaunes, or […]

British citizens will get visa-free travel in EU following no-deal

The EU has agreed that British citizens will still receive visa-free travel within the EU, even following a no-deal Brexit. The new regulation will allow visa-free visits to EU member countries for up to 90 days. The European Council has voiced that the agreement is reciprocal and so the UK has too agreed to allow […]

Criminals face up to two years of prison time for upskirting

Upskirting is now considered a criminal offence in England and Wales with suspects facing up to two years in prison as punishment. The new legislation has been approved by the House of Lords and is currently waiting final approval from the Royal Assent. Upskirting is a term coined for taking sexually intrusive photos up peoples […]

Experts debunk calls for Queen to suspend parliament

Brexiteers are calling for the Queen to suspend parliament in an effort to halt blocking a no-deal Brexit. But leading royal experts say “those advocating such ideas are clearly somewhat detached from reality”.  Last week, ardent Brexiteer and Conservative MP for North East Somerset Jacob Rees-Mogg told a Bruges Group event in Westminster that the Queen […]