Last week, London mayor Sadiq Khan opened emergency homeless shelters as temperatures decrease in the capital.

However, due to the increasing number of rough sleepers in the capital, many of them still struggle to find a place to sleep.

There has been a 73 percent increase over the last three years, according to government data released last year.

In a moving interview with City News Radio, homeless man Charlie said he doubts that that the project will be able to tackle rough sleeping.

He says: “If I can’t manage to make money, I’ll generally sleep in stairways of blocks of flats, or wherever I can find that’s safe.”

Khan has worked with charities such as the London Homeless Charities Group. He implemented changes to make sure that shelters would open as soon as sub-zero temperatures occurred.

However, Charlie doubts the efficiency of the project. “Workers are meant to come out and help homeless people, but they are very unreliable.”

The Met Office has warned that this could be the coldest week of the year, saying that London is set for “icy weather”.

Charlie, who has been homeless for three years, added: “I don’t have any hope unless current legislation changes, because I have tried everything and nothing has worked.”

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