British citizens will get visa-free travel in EU following no-deal

The EU has agreed that British citizens will still receive visa-free travel within the EU, even following a no-deal Brexit. The new regulation will allow visa-free visits to EU member countries for up to 90 days. The European Council has voiced that the agreement is reciprocal and so the UK has too agreed to allow […]

Gaming addictions are tearing families apart

Children as young as 11 have been taken into care for gaming addictions, which the World Health Organisation now consider a mental health problem.  A new investigation by the Mirror revealed 13 children had been removed from their families and taken into care due to concerns over gaming addictions. Whilst gaming is often considered to be […]

Tesco job cuts: up to 15,000 at risk

Major British supermarket chain, Tesco, has announced it will cut up to 15,000 jobs. With youth unemployment reaching 11.7 per cent between September and November last year, the cuts could seriously affect many young people employed by Britain’s largest retailer. The chain will close fresh food counters in around 90 of its stores, with other […]

Leicester explosion killing five – further arrests

Explosion at the Polish Zabka supermarket killed five people in Hinckley Road last Sunday night, Leicester, could have been caused by an illegal alcohol distillery.  Three men from  the North West,East Anglia and the East Midland, in their thirties- were arrested this Wednesday on suspicion of manslaughter. Polish Zabka supermarket blasted out around 7pm on […]

Sexual Harassment in schools is rising

The recently released 2017 Girls’ Attitudes Survey by Girlguiding UK, found that 64% of girls aged 13-21 experienced sexual harassment in school, compared to 59% in 2014. The survey also found that in 2017, the number of girls experiencing sexual taunts in school increased from 37% to 41%. Frequent unwanted attention rose from 14% to […]