Study finds one in 13 young people suffer from PTSD by the age of 18 – but what about those undiagnosed?

A new study published in the Lancet Psychiatry found that one in 13 young people in England and Wales experience post-traumatic stress disorder by the age of 18. The study looked at more than 2,000 18-year-olds and found that a third had experienced some form of trauma in their childhood. And a quarter of these […]

Asthma poses a threat to young people in the UK

Young people in the UK are more likely to die from Asthma or long-term illnesses than the other high-income European countries, according to a recent study by  Nuffield Trust and the Association of Young People’s Health (AYPH).  Asthma affects 5.4 million people in the UK and the study shows even though young people  are making […]

Medicinal cannabis refused to patient despite being legal

Medicinal cannabis was legalised in the UK last November, after ongoing campaigns pressing for its use for epilepsy sufferers. But despite its legalisation, it is still very difficult to access. Only specialist doctors are allowed to prescribe it – not GPs – and only to specific cases, including children with severe epilepsy, chemotherapy patients with […]

Listen: NHS staff shortages put young mental health patients at risk of suicide

City News Radio’s Ildyko Ang spoke to University of College London professors about how staff shortages in the NHS are putting young people at risk. According to Mental Health Foundation, there is one death by suicide every two hours. The foundation reports that suicide is the leading cause of death among young people aged 20-34 […]

Is teenage cannabis use causing depression?

Researchers find that teenagers under 18 who use cannabis could be 37% more likely to develop depression in early adulthood. This means that the recreational drug could be the cause of around 60,000 cases of depression in the UK. Attitudes towards cannabis are generally pretty relaxed in England with one in nine people admitting to […]

The biological differences between night owls and early birds

According to a new study published in the journal Sleep, the brain functions of night owls and early birds could be different during waking hours of the day. Researchers from the University of Birmingham scanned the brains of night owls, those with a bedtime of 02:30 and waking at 10:30, as well as those of […]

Trump confirmed obese, as America’s weight woes continue

Despite the US president’s doctor saying he is in “good health” Donald Trump is now being classed as clinically obese. The 72-year-old now weighs 243lbs (110kg) – or 17 stone 5lbs – and has a body mass index of 30.4. A BMI in excess of 30 is considered clinically obese. But President Trump is just […]

‘Beer before wine’ may not be the motto to live by

The researchers from Germany and the UK conducted an experiment with groups of 90 volunteers giving them drinks in different orders. The findings published in the  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this morning showed zero correlation between the order of beer and wine drinking and the hangover intensity. As the weekend comes closer, City University News encourages you […]

Binge February as a result of Dry January?

We all know someone who participated in Dry January for the supposed health benefits. However, does a month’s break from alcohol actually lead to lesser drinking? 17% of us in the UK intended to take part in Dry January, according to a Lightspeed survey. People engage in the month-long challenge for various reasons such as saving money, […]

Education Minister calls for phone ban at schools

The Education Minister is calling for phones to be banned from schools. The Government is worried about phone dependency and will integrate lessons on how to limit time spent on mobile phones. While overusing phones has been proved to negatively impact posture, eyesight and hearing, phones could also be used to aid and manage students’ schoolwork. Do the […]