Less people worry about contracting a virus as all restrictions are being lifted in the UK (Credit: Jon Super/PA via AP ) Credit: AP

A new survey conducted by The Office for National Statistics reports that the percentage of individuals worried about the impact of Covid-19 has almost halved since 2020.

Figures released by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the concern over the impact of Covid-19 hit its lowest level since the beginning of the pandemic.

In February this year, the number of adults in Great Britain expressing concern over what impact Covid-19 has over their lives has more than halved from 86% in March of 2020.

The Office for National Statistics also reported a slight decrease in using face coverings when travelling to stores (71% down from 77%) and when using public transport (70% down from 78%).

While worry about COVID is fading, the ONS shows an increase in concerns over costs of living, with over 80% of adults stating their costs of living have increased.

The most common reason reported was the increase in food prices with almost all participants expressing concern over it. Gas and electricity bills (80%) and fuel (76%) also represented one of the most worrisome factors to the costs of living for Brits.