"Gamble" by nicubunu.photo is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

A teacher who killed himself after battling a gambling addiction “was abused by parasites who inflict life-threatening illness for profit,” his parents said, PA reports.

Jack Ritchie took his own life aged 24 in Vietnam in 2017. His death sparked huge debate in how the state regulates gambling.

Sheffield coroner David Urpeth said on Friday that Jack’s death is a “stark reminder of the terrible consequences that can flow from an addiction to gambling”.

In a narrative conclusion, Mr Urpeth said that information about the dangers of gambling was available at the time of Jack’s death, as was some treatment.

But he said: “Such warnings, information and treatment were woefully inadequate and failed to meet Jack’s needs.”

Mr Urpeth told the hearing: “Sadly, this addiction spiralled out of control and led to his suicide.”

The coroner concluded that “gambling contributed to Jack’s death”. He also stated that the British state was not responsible for Ritchie’s death.