“71 dead”, “And still no arrests”, “How come?”. Three Billboards paraded through the city and parked in front of Westminster yesterday. The protest was organised by the campaigners from Justice 4 Grenfell.

The campaigners want to keep this tragedy on top of the political agenda. Moyra from Justice 4 Grenfell says that “by such actions we want the political elite to not forget about what happened”.  Eight months on from the tragedy, people are still living in hotels and waiting for answers.

Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore

The group came up with the idea of billboards a while ago but lacked funding to support it. In the end, they “were a gift from a company”.

The group is not only fighting for the survivors of Grenfell. They also want to put the focus on other buildings in the UK which are in danger. Moyra says that there are “a number of Grenfells waiting to happen around the country”. The campaigner’s website states that there are still 297 flammable towers around the country.

Justice 4 Grenfell wants all of those buildings replaced with safely build ones. “Either private developers or the state have to give money to finance that. They have to give money for people to be safe, that their basic right.”

The billboards move was inspired by the Oscar-nominated movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, where a mother is challenging authorities over finding the person responsible for raping and murdering her daughter.