Would you go on a speed date? Credit: Cottonbro

Valentines Day is an international event, celebrated annually on February 14th. We asked Londoners whether they’re willing to try to find love through speed dating.

Valentine’s Day can be a pressurising time to find love, and many Londoner’s are looking to speed dating to help their search.

We talked to Londoners about where they look for love, with many saying that they were more keen on pursuing a relationship with someone they have never met before, rather than someone they already know.

Speed dating was a near impossibility during the Coronavirus lockdowns but it has seen a surge in popularity as restrictions have eased. One young woman we spoke to said that she believe speed dating can be a good way to find love: “I know a couple of people that have met their partner through speed dating.”

Yet not everyone is as adventurous.

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