Nike has come up with a brilliant new three-minute long ad that showcases the diversity and vibrancy of London and the communities it houses. Shot in areas such as Dalston, Peckham and Brixton, it showcases how the young people who live in England’s capital thrive in sport.

The young Londoners take a whistle stop tour of their city while playing their sports and are joined by various cameos from the world of sport and music. Eden Hazard, Harry Kane, Alex Iwobi along with Ian Wright, Skepta and Michael Dapaah – the comedian who had a chart hit with ‘Man’s Not Hot’ – are among the plethora of celebrities that are featured in the video.

The production was shot on Kingsland Road and Peckham and featured as many as 258 young Londoners. Along with the advert, Nike added that they are committed to making the youngsters’ ‘playground’ even better.

In the next half-term week, Nike will be celebrating sport with over 75 of their sponsored athletes heading into local communities to inspire Londoners at 250 venues. “London is a sports obsessed city and its intersection with culture sparked by the next generation of youth, is shaping a new wave of creative expression and celebration of sports,” said Nike’s Jamie McCall.

“’Nothing Beats a Londoner’ puts a spotlight on this vibrant youth culture and a more exciting, inclusive sports community with Nike at the heart of getting more kids moving across the city.”