Ariana Grande released her album ‘thank u, next’ on Friday only six months after her last album.

Ariana Grande has over 144 million Instagram followers.
Ariana Grande has over 144 million Instagram followers.

The release of her fifth studio album is being well received and is so far drama free.

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Last year in August Grande released ‘Sweetener’, but faced strong competition with full studio albums by Travis Scott and Nicki Minaj alongside Grande’s coming all within a two-week spell.

Nicki Minaj had some less than positive tweets about rapper Scott’s tactics to include digital album copies with merchandise sales, accusing him of manipulating his stay on top of the Billboard Top 200 list. Travis himself stayed silent but his fans were quick to point out Nicki had been at the act too, albeit with less success, and even Ariana got involved in the debate.



One of the most famous beefs over album releases was between Drake and Kanye West.

The beef emerged after Pusha T took some shots at Drake after accusations the Toronto-based rapper uses a ghost writer.

The pair traded diss-tracks and Kanye’s relationship with Drake was also pulled into the spotlight.

In an interview with NBA star Lebron James, Drizzy announced that Kanye’s “Lift Yourself” that features the nonsense “Poppy-di scoop” verse was intended to be for him and was released just out of spite.

Drake reckons it was all because he intended to put his album ‘Scorpion’ out around the same time as Kanye’s.

Check out Drake explaining his situation with Kanye below:

With Dua Lipa, Cardi B, and Kanye West all expected to release new albums this year. Their ability to drop music randomly and on each other’s toes means we probably haven’t seen the last of release day drama.