Dita Von Teese has spoken out in response to the abuse allegations against her ex-husband Marylin Manson. Credit: Wikimedia

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese has taken to Instagram to address the abuse allegations made against her ex-husband, Marilyn Manson.

Evan Rachel Wood, star of Westworld and Frozen II, posted allegations on Instagram on Monday that Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, abused her over the course of their three-year relationship.

Sky News reports that Wood, who is now 33, had a relationship with Manson when she was 18 years old. She was then engaged to him in 2010.

In a post on Instagram Wood alleged that Manson started “grooming” her when she was a teenager and “horrifically abused” her for years.

Von Teese responded to the claims on her Instagram account, and said that in the seven years they were together, she had not experienced any form of abuse from Manson.

Von Teese added: “Abuse of any kind has no place in any relationship. I urge those of you who have incurred abuse to take steps to heal and the strength to fully realise yourself.”

Following the allegations, PA reported that Manson lost his role on two TV shows and was also dropped by his record label, Loma Vista Recordings.

According to PA, the claims by Wood were followed by similar allegations from other women. Manson has strongly denied all the claims. In a post on Instagram, he stated that all of his sexual relations have “always been entirely consensual” and that the accusations were “horrible distortions of reality”.