Tracy Beaker is set to return to the screen with a new three-part series: My Mum Tracy Beaker. Credit: Matt Lingard, flickr

Twenty years since its original air date, Tracy Beaker is making a return to television in a brand new spin-off series.

Dani Harmer, 31 has returned to CBBC to reprise her role as Tracy Beaker in an upcoming reboot airing today at 5pm. The series, based on an adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s 2018 book, will introduce Tracy’s pre-teen daughter named Jess.

CBBC released the first trailer of the three-part series on Tuesday afternoon where viewers get a glimpse of Tracy and her daughter in an exchange with Tracy’s old arch-nemesis Justine Littlewood, played by Montanna Thompson.

The show is set to follow a now 30-year-old Tracy who is now working in a cafe. Viewers will see her life turned upside down when Tracy enters a romantic relationship with an old-friend-turned footballer from her past.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Harmer has revealed her excitement to take on the role of Tracy Beaker again saying: “I cannot wait to return to the role of Tracy! I’m just like a fan myself and want to know what happens next and where this journey will take her.”

Millennial fans who have grown up with the show are showing their excitement and adoration for the reboot online, making light of their age in time for the airing.

Manchester Evening News reported one fan writing: “I am a fully grown adult but 5pm Friday I am putting Tracy Beaker on and I’m very excited for it.”

Another adds: “I don’t care if I’m grown. I’m watching this.”

The show followed the formerly rebellious teen and her escapades, struggles and life in a foster home infamously named ‘The Dumping Ground’. The show inspired many children across the nation and was the inspiration behind a number of CBBC’s popular spin-offs.

Jacqueline Wilson’s success as an author has also seen many of her books adapted for the screen with Tracy Beaker a clear fan favourite.

Bringing Tracy back to our screens has definitely thrilled many who are keeping their childhood alive and waiting intently for the three-part series.