Rhianna’s Super Bowl comeback after seven years has not only caused a social media frenzy, but also contributed to a major spike in streaming royalties and revenue for her makeup brand Fenty Beauty.

Artists don’t normally get paid for performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, but the 34-year-old singer turned businesswoman found a way to make profit.

In the middle of her performance, Rihanna pulled out one of her Fenty Beauty products and used it to touch up her makeup. She also wore a shade of Fenty Beauty Lipstick, which was promoted by Sephora via Instagram.

Additionally, Rihanna’s streaming surged 640% following her performance, according to Spotify. As a result, she generated $97,000USD in streaming royalties. One of her most famous songs, Umbrella, received 4.4 million streams and generated $17,780.60USD in revenue. 

These numbers were calculated by multiplying the number of plays following the Super Bowl by Spotify’s standard royalty rate. This excludes any other royalties she would have made from other streaming platforms as well as physical and digital media purchases.

The singer also revealed she was pregnant with her second child with rapper A$AP Rocky during the performance, sending the world in a shock. In fact, even her 280 backup dancers did not know about her pregnancy, as Rihanna was separated from the dancers until the week before the performance.