Credit: GETTY

Temperatures in Antarctica have reached a record-breaking 18 degrees, according to the World Meteorological Organisation.

WMO tweeted last night an unsettling report from the Argentine research base Esperanza.

Provisionally recording 18.3C (64.94F), the readings beat records from the last recorded warmest day on the frozen continent. In March 2015, temperatures rose up to 17.5C (63.5F). The new record surpasses the last by 0.8C.

The Antarctic Peninsula has been reported by the WMO to be one of the fastest warming regions on earth, with over 80% of the glaciers along its west coast retreating.

Professor James Renwick, a climate scientist from the Victoria University of Wellington, informed on an interview with the Guardian Australia that the reading is “impressive” and that it should be considered as a “sign”.

Professor Renwick also mentioned the WMO will be meeting again soon to certify the new record.