The government’s fresh attacks on middle-class cocaine use “strays away from the real problem” according to the director of a drug research charity, 

Last year, London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, linked escalating violence on the capital’s streets to middle-class cocaine use.

And a recent string of stories from the Guardian suggests that cocaine use among the middle-classes may be on the rise.

“The Government and the media seem to have taken a new angle on the war on drugs, and are attacking the middle-classes,” says Harry Shapiro from charity DrugWise.

“In reality, this strays away from the real problem: people on the streets; people who are destitute because of the housing crisis; people who have been let down by the welfare system. Middle-class use of cocaine isn’t where the problem is at all.”

Valerie Everett
Cocaine use is on the rise. Image by Valerie Everett via Flickr

Shapiro admits that cocaine use may have risen, but says: “It seems cocaine use is more prevalent among all kinds of people – not just the middle-classes.

“Better business models by drug syndicates means increased availability. But I suspect cocaine isn’t being passed around with After Eights in Islington homes.”

Featured photo by Valerie Everett via Flickr