Zakaria Bulhan, 19, has admitted killing American tourist and injuring five other people during a knife rampage in Russell Square.

The young man attacked 64-year-old American Darlene Horton and several other random passers-by on the evening of 3 August last year. He was arrested by the police within minutes from the attack.

The court heard that Bulhan’s violent behaviour had been sparked by mental illness. At the time of the attacks the young man was suffering an “acute” episode of paranoid schizophrenia .

Bulhan denied murder but admitted manslaughter by diminished responsibility. He pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, but admitted wounding with intent to Martin Hoenisch, Lillie Selletin, David Imber, Bernard Hepplewhite and Yovel Lewronski.

The prosecutors accepted his pleas.

Five of the victims suffered non-fatal injuries and made good recoveries. However, Mrs Horton died at the scene after she was stabbed in the back, with the blade penetrating her left lung and heart.