One of the three British schoolgirls who left East London to join the Islamic State (ISIS) says she has no regrets, but wants to return home to the UK.

Shamima Begum was just 15 when she and two other girls from Bethnal Green travelled to Syria to marry an IS fighter.

Now 19, Shamima, who is heavily pregnant with her third child is living in a refugee camp in northern Syria.

Begum left Britain using her sisters passport with her two closest friends during the half term break in February 2015.

A year later, ITV News revealed that one of the other girls who left the country to join IS, Kadiza Sultana, was killed in an airstrike on the terror group ‘s stronghold of Raqqa.

Debates are being held whether or not Shamima should be allowed to return to the UK so her baby can be cared for.

In an interview with The Times’ reporter Antony Llyod, she said: “I don’t regret coming here, “but Bethnal Green resident Brenda Claire does not agree with Shamima returning to Britain, she says “Shamima is going to get a flat if she comes back and there are so many homeless people who don’t get a flat. No she does not deserve to come back”

Mulberry Academy Shoreditch. @jasdipsensi
Mulberry Academy Shoreditch. @jasdipsensi