Many black students are being wrongly identified as having one of a range of special needs. This then means their education is being dumbed-down, according to a study.

The “substantial over-representation” could not be explained by the Oxford University team, consequently urging schools to check discipline policies cause a bias in the system.

There has already been previous research into cultural differences, teacher racism and ineffective classroom management to try and find a solution.


Prof Steve Strand has analysed data on six million children in England’s schools between 2005 and 2016.

He said: “Black Caribbean children may be suffering an inappropriate and narrowed curriculum, from unwarranted over-identification, particularly [in] secondary schools.”

“This might mean they get less academically challenging, more vocationally orientated work perhaps,” he said, “like being shifted from maths to motor maintenance, or experience a lowered expectation of what they can do.”