The lawyer of Shamima Begum’s family, Tasnime Akunjee, has questioned the ethical reporting of journalists citing Ofcom regulations. 

Akunjee, representing the family of Shamima Begum, 19, who left the UK to join Islamic State in 2015, shared his concern about the way the media is reporting about his client.

Speaking to Sky News, Akunjee said “We have a nineteen-year-old who has given birth to two children who recently died and the fact that the family are shocked that given that [Shamima] is in the situation she’s in, the first thing they see is a journalist punching a large mic at their sister.”

He went on to comment on Shamima’s body language and how she was clutching her sides, suggesting that she was in a lot of pain after giving birth hours before the interview.

Ofcom regulations state ‘Broadcasters must avoid unjust or unfair treatment of individuals or organisations in programmes’ (7.1)

It was confirmed on that the UK government have now stripped her from her British citizenship.

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