Amazon's Alexa

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa will provide more specific help to people with sight loss.

As part of a charity scheme with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIBP), Amazon has developed the voice assistant to help with inquiries particularly difficult for people with sight loss.

Helping with the registration as sight impaired, educating more about sight conditions or looking for support are some of the improvements that Amazon has done in the new update.

In a study by RNIBP, nearly two-thirds of sight-impaired people experience difficulties with most of the new technology, due to lack of accessibility. “We love hearing feedback from customers,” says Dennis Stansbury, Alexa UK country manager, highlighting the independence that the voice assistant now provides.

David Clarke, director of services at the RNIBP, says that the upgrade ensures that people can ‘immediately get essential information about sight conditions, their rights, and the support available, simply by asking out loud.’