Ms Smithwite in the middle. Credit: PA

A prison officer has been given a two-year prison sentence following her affair with an inmate.

Stephanie Smithwhite, 40, was previously an officer at maximum security prison HMP Frankland, where Liverpool criminal Curtis “Cocky” Warren was remanded.

Last month, Ms Smithwhite admitted to two counts of misconduct in a public office.

One charge related to her sexual relationship with Warren, which allegedly took place between June and December 2018. The second count was regarding her failure to report that he had access to a phone.

Judge Jonathan Carroll said 56-year-old Warren was a “major league offender” who tried to manipulate Smithwhite into bringing contraband into the prison after starting their affair, and asked her about prison intelligence and security cameras.

The judge said Smithwhite was infatuated with Warren, as demonstrated by her tattoo of the name Curtis next to a rose.

“Your conduct represents the very most grave breach of trust placed in you,” said the judge.