£184m worth of cocaine has been found in boxes of bananas sent from Columbia. Credit: AP/Home Office

Police have seized bags of cocaine worth £184 million, which were  found in banana boxes that arrived in the UK from Colombia.

According to the National Crime Agency (NCA), the parcels weighing 2,300kg were intercepted at Portsmouth, where it was removed, the BBC reported.

The pallets were loaded with dummy packages and delivered to Tottenham Industrial Estate in north London.

It turned out to be one of the UK’s biggest drug seizures, as ten people were arrested over the haul.

The raid was a joint operation between the NCA and Met Police and was the result of a week-long investigation.

Officers tracked the shipment of 41 pallets of drugs as it arrived in Portsmouth, where the UK Border Force removed the drugs, which were then delivered to Tottenham. Police moved in after gathering enough evidence from a surveillance operation at the site.

Footage filmed with body cameras showed armed officers breaking into storage units where the drugs were meant to be delivered.

John Coles, head of specialist operations at the NCA, stated: “Illegal drugs are a corrosive threat and those who deal in cocaine are often violent and exploitative.

Coles added: “Cocaine supply is directly linked to the use of firearms, knife crime, and the exploitation of young and vulnerable people.”