The leader of the National Black Police Association has called Cressida Dick “the most defensive and dismissive” leader of a British police force.

Commenting on Dick’s resignation, Inspector Andy George, president of the NBPA said Dick’s “Achilles heel” was her desire to protect the Met’s reputation. He called for the next commission to end a “culture of fear” and “toxic culture” in the force.

Dick announced her departure on Thursday after losing the support of Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Insp George praised Dick’s years of service to the public, but said that ultimately it was right for her to step down.

According to the BBC, the former Met Police Commissioner decided to resign after declining an offer to meet with Khan on Thursday after he claimed to no longer back her in her position.

Patel said she was unaware of the suggested meeting between the two. However, a mayoral source implied that the Home Secretary was aware of the proposed meeting and that it was in the hands of Cressida Dick herself to announce her resignation to Patel.

Sir Paul Stepherson, a former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said the force should be “casting the net as wide as possible” when searching for Cressida Dick’s successor.

Sir Paul, who served from 2009 to 2011, stressed the importance of finding a good successor to take over her duties while talking on LBC. He added that the position should be considered by anyone who is eligible to apply, even from outside policing.

“We should be casting the net as wide as possible to find the best possible person and I would not constrict that, not in any way shape or form,” Stepherson told LBC.

The successor will be appointed by the home secretary, in consultation with the Mayor of London. Current contenders include Matt Jukes and Neil Basu, both assistant Met commissioners.

Dame Cressida was seen today just after 9am, at the side entrance of the Scotland Yard. She was the first woman in history to lead the police force. Her resignation is surrounded by controversies around the racism, sexism, xenophobia within the police force.