Six people were killed in a vehicle pileup on an icy motorway in Texas. Credit: AP Video/WFAA

A horrific 100-car mass pileup has killed six people in an early morning crash in Fort Worth, Texas. Several victims were treated at the scene, with many still trapped in their vehicles.

At least 65 people have been taken to hospital, with three in critical condition, ITV reports.

Firefighters are working in ongoing efforts to rescue those who are still trapped in their vehicles. Rescuers have voiced fears that the death toll could continue to rise.

Bad weather and icy conditions have been named as the cause for the accident, which took place on the 1601 Freeway North. It is thought that heavy rain and ice on the roads led to some cars losing control.

Videos on Twitter show the deadly disaster unfold as cars appear to overturn and pile up on one another.

Due to the poor weather conditions, responders at the scene took steps to ensure victims were kept warm.

In an interview with CNN, Matt Zavadsky, a spokesman from the MedStar ambulance said: “We were able to get a couple of buses from the fire department to actually put some of the victims from the crash – who were not patients but could’ve become patients because of hypothermia – into buses so they got out of the cold environment.”

As reported in the NY Times, Zavadksy added: “I have not seen anything like this. We train for this kind of scenario, but you never really expect it to happen.”

Following the crash at 06:30 am, local Texas time, the highway was shut down in both directions for several hours.

The police have also set up a site for families to meet drivers and passengers involved in the crash.

With more injuries and fatalities expected to follow, officials have sent out multiple warnings to those driving in dangerous weather conditions.



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