Nine Chinese warplanes flew into the Taiwanese air defence zone (ADIZ) on Thursday, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Over the past few years, such incursions have been frequent. However, many have now become fearful that the attacks on Ukraine might spark China to increase pressure on Taiwan or invade, according to The Guardian.

Although world leaders have called on President XI Jinping to condemn the attacks on Ukraine, China has remained relatively neutral. China’s standpoint in this conflict is crucial as experts believe that China will be Russia’s financial safe heaven if harsher sanctions are placed to Russia.

Taiwan on the other hand, was quick to publicly voice their support for Ukraine. The President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen stated, “Our government condemns Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and urges all parties to continue to resolve the disputes through peaceful and rational means”.

Despite recent events, China watchers believe an imminent attack of Taiwan is quite unlikely as President XI Jinping is gearing up for the leadership Congress.