Mourners gather to witness Alexei Navalny's funeral outside church in outskirts of Moscow. Credit: Associated Press

Alexei Navalny has been buried in Moscow’s Borisovskoye cemetery as thousands of mourners gathered outside the Church for his funeral service.

Navalny’s widow pays tribute to her husband with a message accompanying a video on X with the ending ”Love you forever. Rest in peace.”

Yulia Navalnaya, who did not attend the funeral due to being outside of Russia, thanked him for “26 years of absolute happiness… even over the last three years”.

His closest allies have also posted their own tributes with his spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, writing: “You will be proud of us.”

Frank Sinatra’s classic song ‘My Way’ played as his coffin was lowered in to the grave.

Pictures were released showing the open casket of Navalny as he was surrounded with his parents by the coffin during the service inside the church.

Crowds were heard shouting Navalny’s name and ‘we won’t forget you’ as hearse left for the cemetery, a mile away from the funeral service.

Riot police were seen guarding the area near the church.

The Kremlin announced earlier today that unsanctioned gatherings for Navalny will violate law.

Navalny, who was a vocal critic of Vladimir Putin, died on 16 February whilst in a Russian prison serving a three year sentence.

Many of his supporters have accused the Kremlin of killing the opposition leader, however authorities say he died of natural causes.

Videos shared on X show the masses waiting to get a glimpse of the coffin as it made its way to the burial site.