Hundreds of people gathered in Chinatown this weekend to welcome the Year of the Rooster. The celebrations began on the 28th January, but the parade took place on the morning of the 29th. The music and the dancers carried the spectacle all the way through West and Central London, giving us a show to remember despite the rainy weather.

The theme of this New Year’s celebration is “looking at the today and the yesterday”. The artists combined the modern culture with the old traditions, telling a fascinating story through their dance and music.

“It’s quite special, especially for us. We are born in China and we are working abroad, so it’s good to see the Chinese Festival here. It’s very authentic.”

This year comes with many challenges for the Roosters.


There are two lucky stars set aside. You are advised to do more and speak less. That way you can benefit from the opportunities that will come later on in the year.


Roosters need to pay more attention to health and safety. Look twice when you cross the street and stick to the traffic rules.


The zodiac is telling us that when it comes to love, you shouldn’t make impulsive decisions. The prognosis tells us that there’s either marriage or heartbreak this year, so look out for the extreme situations in your life.

While the parade might have ended, you can still head out to the Cutty Sark to learn traditional Chinese crafting, or gaze at the Magical Lantern Festival, which is open until Thursday.