The most comprehensive exhibiton of David Hockney’s work to date opens at Tate Britain this week. Over 20,000 advance tickets have been sold for the retrospective which opens on Thursday. It marks the fastest selling exhibition in the gallery’s history.

The exhibition will span Hockney’s career from his early sketches in the 1960s to unseen new paintings. Hockney, who still paints every day, commented after walking the through the exhibit, saying only: “I made some quite good pictures, didn’t I?”

Hockney is one of the UK’s most celebrated and renowned artists. He also recently made waves across the Twitter sphere after redesigning the Sun’s logo.

A Tate Britain representative said Hockney is thrilled with the exhibition which has taken two years working with the artist to compile his works from galleries and private collectors across the world.

The David Hockney exhibition will be running from the 9th February– 29 MAY 2017.  Advance tickets can be ordered from the Tate Britain website.