The Duke of Cambridge listened in to a call from a desperate homeless teenager as he launched Centrepoint’s new helpline for young rough sleepers needing urgent advice.

The young man, who had been robbed twice while sleeping rough in London, had rung the new number after failing to get help from his local authority and a concerned William asked to be kept informed about his progress.

Prince William is patron of the charity, and visited Centrepoint today to advise workers on how to handle and manage calls on the subject of housing, mental health and finances.

Centrepoint, the charity for homeless youths, estimates that 150,000 young people across the UK approach local councils for help with housing and a third are turned away without support.

The charity has worked to help give the support that young people are missing.  They have been providing accommodation and helping youths to rebuild their lives.

One of the people Centrepoint has helped is Monique Newton, who is now a three-time weightlifting world champion.

She believes the risk of young people becoming homeless is not being taken seriously enough.

She added that people between the ages of 18-25 find it particularly hard to get the support they need. With this helpline they will know have a place they can contact over the phone or online when they need help.