Thousands of anti-Trump activists are exploring the possible methods to ban Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK planned in July later this year.

Why is Trump visiting?

The ceremonial UK pomp historically extended to new US presidents is intended to impress powerful global leaders and welcome their alliance with the UK.

What will Trump’s State Visit include?

A state visit to the UK lasts a few days, starting with the Queen and other Members of the Royal Family greeting Trump with a ceremonial welcome, which usually takes place on Horse Guards Parade, accompanied by gun salutes fired from Green Park and the Tower of London.

A State Banquet will welcome the president, a very grand formal occasion held in the Buckingham Palace Ballroom.

Around 150 guests are usually invited on the basis of their cultural, diplomatic or economic links to the USA to name a few, there are many more traditional bells and whistles to a UK state visit.

Ballroom at Buckingham Palace, London, during a state banquet in honour of Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2015 /PA
Ballroom at Buckingham Palace, London, during a state banquet in honour of Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2015 /PA

How much will taxpayers pay to honour Donald Trump in the UK?

The Obama’s were famous for flamboyant and expensive demands during State Visits which the UK met in an expression of welcome, however when controversy is added to a State Visit’s flair, police and security costs rack up.

The previous visit by President Bush in 2003 cost UK taxpayers £4.1million because it attracted a big protest against the Iraq War.

Former president Bush’s State Visit cost UK tax payers millions in 2003 /PA

Is No 10 seriously considering revoking his invitation?

Trump’s visit is expected to be debated in Parliament after senior Conservatives joined more than a million people signing a petition calling for the president’s visit to be cancelled because of his controversial travel ban on Muslims and refugees and a risk it will “embarrass” the Queen.

MPs back calls to ban Trump’s visit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on his invitation to be cancelled in response to his controversial executive order.

Boris Johnson will address MPs this afternoon Donald Trump’s visit which sparked widespread calls for his state visit to Britain to be cancelled.

Women's March on London. Women-led marches took place across the World / PA
Women’s anti-Trump march on London, last weekend when women-led marches took place across the world / PA


City University News reporter, Ushma Makwana went to No 10 and talked to some people already protesting Trump’s travel ban.

She asked protesters how they would prevent Trump from coming to the UK


So here are the three top ways anti-Trump activist could pressurise No 10 to uninvite him from an expensive, celebrated UK state visit.

1) Sign The petition, on the government’s official petitions site, that has already superseded the 100,000 signatures needed to be considered for a debate in parliament.

2) Go to the anti-Trump’s travel ban protest due to start at No 10 at 6 tonight primarily a reaction to his new travel legislation but links closely to whether the UK should revoke the UK state visit invitation. There will be speeches from MPs including Ed Miliband and Caroline Lucas.

3) Attend the official Anti- Trump state visit protest in July organised on Facebook.