“We are not going to allow attempts to remain in the EU through the back door,” the Prime Minister’s spokeswoman said today.

The spokeswoman has spoken just before a debate on possible amendments to the legislation are to take place today.

This follows the growing pressure the PM has been facing from Pro-EU MPs who are demanding more transparency on May’s negotiation strategy and the final deal.

It is expected that Labour, SNP and Lib Dem MPs will have specific demands, including asking if EU citizens will be able to remain in the country if they were in the UK at the time of the referendum.

Public Remain campaigners have also held several protests, voicing their concerns over the future of Britain post-Brexit.

Last Saturday, Remain campaigners gathered in front of 10 Downing Street and said that it was important that the views of the 48 per cent of people who voted to stay in the EU were acknowledged.

Remain campaigners group Unite for Europe are planning to march on parliament at the end of March 2017, just a week before Theresa May’s expected date to launch the process of leaving the EU with Article 50.