The government has continued to send mixed signals on the outcome of Brexit, with Commons leader Andrea Leadsom saying now that a no-deal scenario is still on the table.

On the Today programme this morning, when asked whether the Government is still considering a no-deal Brexit, she said: “Of course we are. Essentially that is what will happen if we don’t vote for a deal.”

She added: “The government does not want no-deal. It is there because that is the legal default position. And any competent government must prepare for all eventualities.”

May’s negotiating tactics under fire

The news comes after a motion supporting Theresa May’s negotiating strategy with Brussels was voted down.

The motion however was not legally binding, and a spokesperson for the Prime Minister stated that she would continue with her tactics with the EU negotiators.

Theresa May’s government also revealed they would meet to identify and publish the effects a no-deal Brexit would have on the UK.