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A man has admitted to leaving offensive voicemails about the COVID restrictions directed towards Conservative MP Peter Bone, PA reports.

Shaun Harris, 51, pleaded guilty to three malicious communications offences regarding offensive voicemails being left on the Wellingborough MP’s constituency office phone.

The court was told that the defendant had left the voicemails early in the morning, which were redirected to the phone of Bone’s ex-wife.

The voicemails were expressing discontent over the restrictions being tightened again at the beginning of December of 2021. The voicemails included threats and expletives expressing the disapproval of tighter COVID restrictions, all directed at Bone.

The defendant has 13 previous convictions for 20 offences, including abusive messages sent to two women back in 2018, according to Gazette News.

The MP has previously condemned a separate attack when the words “Tory sleaze” were written on the outside of his office.

Shaun Harris will be sentenced at the same court on Monday.