Thousands of migrant and EU workers are set to demonstrate in London today, highlighting their contribution to the UK’s economy.

Migrant workers will descend on Westminster this afternoon after a report from the New Economics foundation suggested that if every foreign worker in the UK withdrew their labour for one day, it would cost the economy £328million.

The protest, advertised as One Day Without Us, will coincide with a demonstration in Westminster by appoximately 1,000 EU citizens demanding the right to remain in the UK after Brexit.

Protesters at  are expected to link arms in public places in a show of solidarity.

The event’s organiser, Matt Carr, said: “On February 20, men and women and young people of all ages across the country will take part in an event that is simultaneously a protest, a celebration, a festival of migration, and a platform for migrants to make their diverse voices heard.

“It’s also an opportunity for British nationals to stand in solidarity alongside the men, women and children we have known as friends, neighbours, workmates, colleagues and students, and celebrate the fact that they are part of our society.”

Research from the Migration Observatory says 10.9 per cent of the UK’s workforce is occupied by migrant workers, but it is claimed this number rises to almost 30 per cent in some sectors, such as food preparation and hospitality workers.