Boris Johnson gesturing in Poland. He has been under pressure for his involvement in multiple scandals since his election. Credit: (Daniel Leal/Pool via AP, File)

Hugh Grant is openly throwing his weight behind an anti-Boris Johnson demonstration taking place in London this Saturday. This does not come as a surprise as he previously called the Prime Minister, an “over-promoted rubber bath toy.”

The actor’s Twitter was flooded with supporting comments. One Twitter user even considered him as a replacement for Boris Johnson:

Trending on Twitter, with more than 30,000 tweets is #JohnsonOut25, the hashtag that has been going on for 25 days. It is used for people to share their dissatisfactions with the Prime Minister and urge him to step down.

Many users do not believe the Prime Minister handled the COVID-19 pandemic well:

Other users created memes in order to make the hashtag more popular:

The hashtag goes hand in hand with the protest taking place on Saturday in Parliament Square. Many Twitter users are using the hashtag in order to make the protest as popular as possible.

For those who are unable to participate in it physically, there is an online version of the protest. This is in order to ensure as many people are able to take part in it.

The Prime Minister has been involved in multiple scandals over the past two years, losing confidence from the public as well as some of his own MPs.