Reports that Arsene Wenger has been offered a two-year contract extension have been circulating today.

On Saturday Arsenal were humbled by league leaders Chelsea in a comprehensive 3-1 victory for the blues.

Arsenal fans were seen holding banners saying “Wenger out” at Stamford Bridge, which brought plenty of discussion amongst the football world.

Former Fulham manager, Kitt Symons believes the criticism Wenger has come under by the Arsenal fans is unfair:

“It’s not nice, especially when you consider what Wenger has done for the club,” Symons said, who came against Wenger in 2013.

“When you look at the other clubs like Liverpool and United, they have changed managers and seen their clubs drop during the transition phases.

Arsenal have consistently been in the top four since Wenger arrived at the North London club,” he added.

However, Arsenal fanatic Piers Morgan has other thoughts. In a heated exchange with Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville yesterday, Piers referenced Wenger’s inability to take Arsenal further than he has.

Arsenal Fan TV, a supporter-based YouTube channel that frequently shoot post-match interviews outside stadiums was also part of Neville’s criticism of the disrespect towards Wenger: “I walked out of the Chelsea ground yesterday and there were the Arsenal Fan TV cameras everywhere,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“To be honest with you it was embarrassing listening to it and watching it,” he added.

Robbie Elliot, who runs the Arsenal Fan TV account responded to Neville in a recent upload saying that “he (Neville) is in no position to criticise Arsenal fans as he himself failed as a manager and has no connection with the club”.

Although the rumours of Wenger’s contract extensions have not been confirmed, it is still a sign of Arsenal’s “lack of ambition as a club” according to Robbie.

Arsenal have not won a league title since 2004 and have squandered numerous opportunities to win it back since.

Wenger’s current contract expires at the end of the season and the majority of the Arsenal fan base is pleading with the club not to offer the Frenchman a new one.