For a sport that essentially combines household chores and boules, a game exclusively played by elderly villagers, people are really getting into it this year.

1. These two were definitely going bonkers for the bonspiel*

*Bonspiel is the fancy official term for a curling tournament (the more you know).

2. For some Curling is as much a fashion expo as a feat of physical prowess

3. Be warned: Passion for the pebble can be hazardous for your work-life balance.

4. William Jackson Harper – who plays Chidi in hit NBC comedy “The Good Place” –  is characteristically indecisive about his hankering for the hammer

5. Some people were clearly watching the wrong sport

6. But anyone could do it right! I mean it’s just sliding and sweeping?

7. Wrong. Dead wrong.

8. Of course team GB were keen on the curl after clinching a win against China

9. But nobody…


11. …is enjoying it as much as Mr T.