The CEO of Queens Park Rangers released a statement  on the club website stating that the club needs to move from their historic ground.

Lee Hoos, who has been CEO at the West London club since 2015, said:

“We love our home at Loftus Road, but it is unsustainable for a professional football club in the long term due to its size, age and lack of non-matchday use”.

“It is very obvious to thousands of fans who pile into the ground every fortnight, and it has been made clear to the current Council leadership since they took office in 2014”

He adds that the only option for the club to remain in the Hammersmith and Fulham borough is at the Linford Christie athletics ground.

The club wanted to redevelop the stadium, which opened in 1967, into a 30,000 all-seater venue.

But the council responded angrily to the proposal back in November 2018 and warned the Championship side they would not ‘give land away for free’.

Hoos ended his statement calling for council leader Stephen Cowan to work with the club in order to keep the side in the borough.