A newly released smartphone app, Babee on Board, aims to help pregnant women to get seats on public transport.

Babee on Board works by connecting two applications. One app is used by pregnant women to send an alert to those on her carriage that she requires a seat. The second app detects nearby alerts via bluetooth.

The app has been created with the intention to help pregnant women find seats on adjacent carriages or even overly packed ones where seats aren’t visible.

However, the app used by pregnant women to alert nearby commuters does cost £3.99.

10X, the company behind the app, has stated that the price point was implemented to prevent the app being used by pranksters. 10X also revealed that 100% of the profits will go to charity.

Babee on Board initially came to fruition as a piece of hardware featuring a physical button. However, after 12 months of development, 10X decided to go with an app instead. This change significantly reduces the cost and enables pregnant women in 155 countries to download the app and discreetly ask for a seat.

10x is now speaking to a number of brands about integrating the technology into their apps and operating systems. This would enable millions of devices to listen out for Babee on Board notifications.