In a short few weeks Nintendo will launch their new console the Nintendo Switch and the ‘Joy-Cons’ controller after a poor showing of the Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch could aesthetically be the strangest console to ever hit the market. The gaming system is a hybrid home console and handheld device.

The ‘Joy-Con’ controller attaches to the Switch into the side of the 6 inch touchscreen, and detaching from the docking system it becomes a portable gaming system. To a certain extent the new console is an evolution that lies within the Wii U design. The Wii U design was essentially a more bulkier version of a portable console.

The Nintendo Switch at the Press Preview, Grand Palais, Paris
The Nintendo Switch at the Press Preview, Grand Palais, Paris

Shinya Takahashi, Director of Nintendo says that the Switch turned into a separate endeavor, with the concept deriving from providing people a means of playing games regardless of place, time and occasion.

“I think it’s the product of us applying all the knowledge that we’ve built up over the years of designing hardware systems, and putting that into one device,” Takahashi said to the Guardian.

The Switch has a 6.2 inch touchscreen, and also plugs into a dock when playing on television. The ‘Joy- Con’, which can be used as individual controllers all together, has motion control and infrared technology. The Nintendo Switch will be released on March the 3rd this Spring, emptying pockets at £279.99 per console.