More than one million people have now signed a petition following Snapchat’s new changes to the app. The petitioners are calling on Snap Inc. to roll back its latest redesign and algorithm update.

The changes, announced last November, involved separating content that was previously displayed on the same tab. Now, interactions with friends and branded content are kept on different sections.

Users have to swipe left in order to access slideshow of photos and videos, generally referred to as stories from friends, which are featured alongside the list of contacts and private conversations. Publications, advertisers and influencers’ content is however featured in the new “Discover” page to the right of the camera.

Evan Spiegel, Snapchat founder and CEO, defended the update as an effective solution for stopping the dissemination of fake news on social media. He argued in a blog post that the previous design blurred the two sections and acted as a contributor to the rise of fake information online.

Nic Rumsey, a 17 year old Australian student, started a campaign contesting the update and urging the app to reverse it, following its release last week. It has now reached more than one million signatures, with users complaining the new layout is hard to navigate and to use.

“The new Snapchat is confusing and completely foreign to me. It makes me not want to use it anymore,” says Makenzie Massey, one of the petitioners.

Some users have resorted to using Virtual Private Network apps, which allow them to hide their location, and therefore access the previous version.

Snapchat has responded to users’ attempts to continue using the old version, saying these unofficial workarounds are temporary and can result in getting permanently locked out of the account or losing data.

Other users complained about the fact the app updated automatically. “Snapchat updated without my consent, even with auto updates turned off. Not ok. I did not want to update because I didn’t like the new version, but I had no choice in the matter,” says Miranda Loflin, who also signed the petition.

Other campaigns asking for the app’s old version to be brought back have also gained prominence on social media. A group on Facebook called “Anti-Snapchat Update League” was created, and now counts with almost 500 members.  The app review on the apple store went from 4.8 rating to 2.9.

The subject continues to trend on social media, with a false tweet claiming Snapchat would revert to the previous format becoming the sixth most retweeted posts of all time.

Chrissie Teigen and Kylie Jenner were among the celebrities who took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have also gone through similar layout and algorithm changes that recently caused some uproar among users. Spiegel argues it will take time for the community to get used to the update.

We asked people what they think of the update.