Hate dating? Hate Valentine’s Day? This alternative event might be exactly what you are looking for.

Horrors of Valentine’s Day: shelves in stores are flooded with heart-shaped chocolates, all mugs suddenly say “Will you be mine?”, teddy bears holding red hearts are lurking on you wherever you go and all the greeting cards remind you that you should be celebrating tomorrow, ideally with your other half on a super romantic night out. If not, you should preferably be at one of those speed dating events to find your love on time.

If you can’t stand all the sugar and clichés anymore, this event might be just for you.

Down with Dating is a non-traditional dating night organised by Feeling Gloomy, a club which runs regular events such as listening to depressing music and dating nights. Or rather… anti-dating nights as they call it. They offer possibly the most quirky and alternative way to meet people.

You are provided with a fake name on arrival and you can take part in their version of speed dating – the ‘speed hating’ – and slag off all the things you don’t like. Or you can try a ‘Blind Hate’ and ask your date ridiculous questions such as: ‘If I turned into a zombie which household implement would you use to finish me off?’.

Even if you won’t meet the love of your life at the event, the organisers say that you will at least have a fun evening and possibly get your frustration out, of course if you have a bit of sense of humour.

Listen to the short interview with one of the organisers, DJ Cliff Gloom.

How did you came up with this idea?

Do people enjoy these anti-dating nights?

Tomorrow, they are organising a Valentine’s Day special, so head down to Downstairs at The Albany, Great Portland Street tomorrow at 7PM if you are feeling gloomy and want to have some alternative fun.