Upskirting is now considered a criminal offence in England and Wales with suspects facing up to two years in prison as punishment.

The new legislation has been approved by the House of Lords and is currently waiting final approval from the Royal Assent.

Upskirting is a term coined for taking sexually intrusive photos up peoples skirt without their permission.

Gina Martin led the campaign to criminalise upskirting, herself having been a victim 18 months ago in Hyde Park. After posting what happened on Facebook, the post went viral and she started an online petition for the police to reopen her case and for upskirting to become part of the 2003 Sexual Offences Act.

Our reporter Kine Ternsten Bye interviewed two students, Kaja Stensvik from Middlesex Univeristy and Lily Smith from Queen Mary Univeristy of London.

Feature image by q11516412 via Unsplash.