Miss Americana, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, is out on Netflix today. The documentary aims at showcasing the real Taylor Swift without any filter.

Lana Wilson’s Miss Americana explores the ups and downs of Swift’s career and personal life that shaped her into the artist she is right now.

In a RollingStone interview, the director says that she usually works with an all-female crew which “allows for this extra level of intimacy and comfort.” This can be seen in the documentary’s trailer which is filled with honest and confidential moments, including Swift’s opening up on her struggles in overcoming an eating disorder.

Swift invites the public into her life, trying to move away from the stereotypes that have been attributed to her so far. Through the documentary she wants to show the real Taylor, not the one trapped in a fake figure constructed by the music industry. Swift is not worried about pleasing everyone anymore and she just wants to be free to do whatever she wants without worrying about judgements.

Here’s the trailer for Miss Americana: