Credit: The Guardian

Shamima Begum has lost the first stage of her case against the Home Office at the High Court and the Special Immigration Appeals Commission that had stripped her of her British citizenship last year.

Ms Begum travelled to Syria in 2015, joining the so-called Islamic State. Three years later she was found pregnant, living in a Syrian refugee camp.

Ms Begum says she married a Dutch convert, Yago Riedijk, following her arrival in the IS territory.

Her lawyers considered the revoke unlawful.

A tribunal ruled this morning that Ms Begum would not be considered stateless following the decision to revoke her British citizenship.

Judge Doron Blum held the act did not breach the Home Office’s “extraterritorial human rights policy by exposing Ms Begum to a real risk of death or inhuman or degrading treatment”.

He added, Ms Begum “cannot have an effective appeal in her current circumstances”, and that it “does not follow that her appeal succeeds”.

Daniel Furner, Ms Begum’s solicitor has issued a statement that she will “immediately initiate an appeal” on the grounds of “exceptional urgency”.

He says that a year after her initial trial, the dangers that Ms Begum will face without her British citizenship “have increased” with “her chance of survival even more precariously balanced than before.”