Sky News

Former victims’ commissioner Dame Vera Baird has come forward to criticise the decision to reveal intimate details about missing mother Nicola Bulley, and explained that the decision to do so is “sexist” and “in great error”. 

Baird also said that this information will likely make people worried about making complaints to the police in the future. 

Lancashire Police did not disclose any vulnerabilities that related to Ms Bulley being categorised as a high risk missing person, but later issued a statement that she had suffered “significant issues with alcohol” and side effects of the perimenopause, Sky News reported. 

The police said Ms Bulley had been suffering from brain fog and restless sleep prior to her disappearance, after not taking her hormone replacement drugs that are commonly used to treat symptoms of menopause.

The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, also intervened in this ongoing speculation, after Ms Bulley’s family released a statement asking the public to stop spreading “rumours” and end “speculation” about her personal life.

Braverman said she is concerned that this information has been released to the public, wondering exactly what relevance this has to the case. She asked Lancashire Police to give an “explanation” on their decision to reveal details about Nicola Bulley’s private life.

Police and crime commissioner for Lancashire, Andrew Snowden, said the force was being as “transparent as they can be”. He also recognised that it was an unusual decision to reveal this information, but said that the force wanted to explain what why Ms Bulley was classified as “vulnerable”.

Ms Bulley’s last known location was by the River Wyre in Lancashire, when she took her dog for a walk. She has now been missing for three weeks. Her family have said that the focus must be on finding her, instead of “making up wild theories about her personal life”.