The Hawley Arms launches crowdfunding campaign

Famous Camden pub, The Hawley Arms, has been put on the property market. Rising fears that owner, Greene King, will sell the land to developers has sparked a crowdfunding campaign. Representatives of the pub have called for the public to donate whatever they can in a bid to buy the property and save the cultural […]

‘Beer before wine’ may not be the motto to live by

The researchers from Germany and the UK conducted an experiment with groups of 90 volunteers giving them drinks in different orders. The findings published in the  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this morning showed zero correlation between the order of beer and wine drinking and the hangover intensity. As the weekend comes closer, City University News encourages you […]

Wetherspoons has swapped its EU drinks for British alternatives

The pub chain, Wetherspoon, has undergone a radical transformation, swapping 12,000 products imported from the EU with British and internationally sourced alternatives. Its owner, Tim Martin, has been a vocal supporter of Brexit since the results of the referendum in 2016. Martin recently embarked on two-month tour of 100 of his pubs across the UK, giving talks […]